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My son has been receiving speech therapy here for a couple of years now. Ms. Kari is his therapist. She is the best! She is very patient, understanding and kind! She answers any questions that we have and gives us worksheets and ideas to do at home. My son loves Ms. Kari! We are thankful to have found speech therapy of forsyth!
R Grant

I have been bringing my son to Pediatric Speech Therapy of Forsyth for the better part of a decade and they have always upheld the highest quality of services as well as a lovely facility but the thing that far out shines all else is the amazing people who work here. They are happy with bright smiles and have a keen sense of how creativity unlocks the path to learning.

It means the world to me to know that my son's speech therapist truly cares for my boy. 💜 Ms. Kari is so devoted to and gifted in helping children work through the barriers they can face socially and in communication. She is ever evolving her methods to specifically engage my son with his personal interests and talents. I am forever grateful to her and STOF for all the support they have given my family!!🙌
A St

Our son started therapy with the team here when he was almost 3, and at that time he was pretty much non-verbal. His progress has been great. 9 months later he has a vocabulary that’s expanding pretty much daily, and he’s demonstrating language learning in so many ways. We’ve worked with Kaylee and Brooke, they’ve been great to work with and have really helped us as parents to stay focused on the right activities and routines to help our son, and also help us understand our son’s speech development better.
A DesR

My 5 yr old son is taking speech therapy sessions from Speech Therapy of Forsyth since Oct 2020 (he was 2.5 yrs old). He was completely nonverbal when we started and with the sessions he slowly started babbling and then singing rhymes. He was diagnosed with autism later. We have been working with Kaylee since day one (currently he takes weekly 2 sessions with her) and she is incredible. She understands my son and always found a way to get his attention during the session as he had no eye contact initially. He thoroughly enjoys sessions with Kaylee. She always goes above and beyond in helping us. We were in a dilemma whether to start with ABA therapy for my son. Kaylee shared her feedback that ABA will help my kid as she has been working with him for almost 1 yr (we started with ABA in July end, 2021) . She cleared all my doubts and encouraged me to try out ABA for my son. We enrolled him to ABA and he still goes for ABA. She also identified his reading abilities though he lacked communication skills. She started introducing AAC device during speech sessions and encouraged us to take my son for AAC device evaluation. She gives us a complete picture and sets the expectations clearly. We are currently working with her to get AAC app getting installed into ipad and she explained to us that it requires a lot of effort from parents side if we are proceeding with the app.
We work with Hannah also. My son takes weekly 1 session with her. She always shares the feedback after the session.
Both Kaylee and Hannah collaborate with my son's ABA team and work towards the goals.
We are grateful that we found Speech Therapy of Forsyth and are happy to work with the entire team.
G Nair

Speech Therapy of Forsyth has been so incredibly valuable to my toddler. He’s been seeing Kaylee L. since he started over a year ago. He’s very timid and shy around new people and extremely comfortable and excited to go see Ms Kaylee twice a week. His speech has made leaps and bounds over the year. She helps by showing me how to model properly, so I can extend the learning at home. I 100% recommend this facility and Kaylee. I’ve told numerous people about Speech Therapy if Forsyth!
S Brown

We love Speech Therapy of Forsyth!! My son has been attending since December 2022. I rave about his speech therapist to my friends and family. I believe his sessions with Brooke have helped him in more ways than just speech- he is able to transition better and be away from me during sessions, drop off at preschool, and even drop ins at the gym daycare is a breeze-- I think it all stems back to building his confidence here. Recommend 100%.
S Fortune

We absolutely LOVE Kaylee! My son has connected with her from the moment we first met her. She has been an absolute pleasure, and I’m so happy we lucked up and found her!
S  Nahlik

Our family is very blessed to have found speech therapy of Forsyth , our son has improved so much since coming here with his speech and behavior.. My son loves Ms. Kaylee , she is very patient and understanding! I love how she sets goals for my son and he actually achieves them.
S Rice

Kaylee is an amazing speech therapist. She so patient and kind to my son. And tremendously helped my son with his speech.
A Jules

I can’t say enough great things about this place! We only just started speech therapy for my son about 6 weeks ago, but we have been thrilled with his progress already and the care he has received. His therapist, Brooke, is incredible… you can tell she truly cares about my son and our family… and he absolutely adores her. He can’t wait to go play with ‘Ms. Brooke’ every week! From my first phone call to our first session, the communication was wonderful and we knew what to expect in our process prior to starting. I highly recommend Pediatric Speech Therapy of Forsyth to anyone considering speech therapy for their child!
L Rawls

Speech Therapy of Forsyth has been great for my 4 year old. She is shy and quiet spoken but is very comfortable during her sessions. Her therapist, Ms. Brooke, is attentive, patient, knowledgeable and offers great feedback and strategies for us to use at home. She is flexible and responsive to making changes in the therapy based on my daughter’s specific needs. We have been here for a little over 6 months and I can honestly see great strides and improvement in my daughter’s articulation and confidence in communicating. We have had the chance to work with a few other therapists here and they are all amazing! While this journey can be daunting, the support, flexibility, expertise, and care offered here gives me peace of mind that my daughter will continue to grow and develop in her speech.
K Chapman

Both of my boys receive Speech Therapy here and I cannot say enough good things. Our therapist Kari, or KK as my boys call her, comes to their daycare and it is one of their favorite parts of their day! She is so patient and uses their interests to work on their communication. My oldest went from shy and quiet to talking a mile a minute! And my youngest has found his power in his words! We love Speech Therapy of Forsyth and Kari!!
B Carden

My son has been seeing Kaylee for 3 years and the progress he has made is remarkable!! He and I both absolutely adore her and the connection she made with my child reaffirms why she is the perfect therapist for him. We love you, Kaylee!!!
J Connor

We are very happy with the care, treatment and approach Speech Therapy of Forsyth has done with our son. Kaylee is an amazing speech therapist. She is kind, friendly, professional. Our son connected with her since day 1 and we’ve seen improve with each session. He’s starting to talk a lot and express himself so well. Kaylee has been patient and so approachable that our son really likes her and is excited to go to speech therapy. We cannot thank Kaylee enough!
S Khan

We have had a wonderful experience with speech therapy here. Kaylee Levidiotis has been absolutely incredible! She has been proactive in finding the best, holistic solution to my son's speech issues and he has made significant progress under her care. We are so thankful!
C Groover

I have the great privilege of working for this amazing company with a group of the most caring people. Everyone here is so passionate about what they do, whether it is a Therapist treating your child or Michele’s dedication to running the business.
If your child is in need of Speech Therapy, you will not be disappointed with the hard-working staff here at Speech Therapy of Forsyth.
L Hughes

As a staff member and a parent of a child that goes here - this practice is amazing!
My son's speech therapist is Katie & she is so good with him!! I have seen so much progress since he started with her this year. All of the therapists are all such amazing people with big hearts, and you can truly tell they love what they do.
The director, Michele, puts so much care and devotion into this practice. It truly wouldn't be the same without her. I highly recommend coming here to any parent that has a child in need of speech therapy services. You won't regret it!
K Priest

I have been taking my Son here for 2 years now , its a great difference we are seeing. he started with few words at 3 years of age and now he speaks a lot and soon to be graduating from here. Thank to Ms Kaylee.
Santhosh g s

My Daughter receives speech therapy, and she loves Kaylee. They are very caring.
T system

I have been talking my daughter to speech here for several years. Throughout this time I have seen great improvements. But I have to say her current speech therapist Ms. Kaylee is just extraordinary the greatest. I have seen the most improvement with her. She gives my daughter homework and follows up with my daughter's school pathologist in order to be on the same page. I definitely recommend Pediatric Speech and especially Ms. Kaylee.
Thank you Ms. Kaylee! You are the best!
M aguado

This is a really great place. My son has been coming get for 2 yrs and the levels of improvement on him being more vocal have been astounding. I have really notice the difference. Each of his therapist have been nothing but loving and caring for him. He always looks forward to seeing them and comes out happy every time.
S Shadow

My son receives speech therapy and loves Ms. Kaylee!

My son has been with Pediatric Speech Therapy of Forsyth for nearly 5 years now. He gets Speech and Occupational Therapies. With their help my son has come a long way. Definitely recommend for anyone who is looking for Speech and OT services.
S Reddy

My two daughters have been attending Speech Therapy of Forsyth since 2013 and love it! Their staff is very professional, patient, and loving toward the children. I'm extremely happy I found them and I recommend them to everyone who asks me where to go for for speech or OT. Thank you all for such an amazing job you have all done with my girls! Love you all!
V aguado

My son receives therapy from Speech Therapy of Forsyth and he loves his therapist, Justine! He’s able to do telemedicine which works well with his school & athletic schedules. We highly recommend this practice.
C Scott

Truly an amazing experience! We have worked closely with Ms. Keisha, Ms. Chloe, Ms. Jenny and Ms. Kaylee, which are all amazing therapists. Their scope of confidence has certainly met and exceeded our expectations. Pediatric Speech Therapy, is a small facility that offers the best care and some of the most advanced therapeutic interventions that a facility could offer. I would highly recommend this group of providers to anyone who is interested in getting the best help and support for their respective child or children. Thank you!
P Carrio

My son's speech therapist is amazing, he has improved dramatically from barely being verbal to communication. I am so thankful for the patience and care he receives.
C Byrd

We receive excellent care at this practice. My kid loves her speech therapist and enjoys her sessions. The staff is very professional, their approach is thorough and caring at the same time. I highly recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a great speech/OT.
E Kokliaguine

This place is amazing! My 2 year old son started here saying less than 10 words. He is now using sentences and saying more words than I can count. My son doesn't talk during therapy (he is very shy) but he retains all that he learns during the session and uses it at home. I like how the center focuses on educating the parents as well as working with the child.
M Fagan


"Thank you so much for hosting the camp!  Parker loved it!  It is the first time I have dropped him off and not worried if he would be treated well and included.  It was so awesome to see every child included and that their differences weren't viewed in a negative light.  I am so incredibly thankful we found your clinic to help Parker on this journey!"
Brooke H.

"It has been a mere short 3 months since you started working with our 11-year old son Jacob. Wow! What a difference! You go far beyond the scope of what I would expect a speech therapist would do for our son. I came to you expecting help with getting Jacob to properly annunciate his ‘s’ and ‘l’ sounds---but I got so much more-- what I discovered through you was that Jacob has some social anxiety  and latency issues. You are Jacob’s 3rd Speech Therapist in 5 years. I dropped the former two because they never really “got” Jacob. You get him! You understand him and all his amazing gifts that he has to offer. Jacob never really complained about going to speech therapy before—he would sigh and do the exhausted eye roll like—do I really have to go. With you, when I say Jacob we are going to see Dr. Justine today—he smiles and says ok—let’s go! You also have taught my husband and I how to talk and respond to Jacob instead of interrogating him when he does not want to talk. Jacob is more confident and instead of us probing questions to elicit a response from Jacob, he now initiates many of the conversations. I can’t thank you enough for your flexible schedule. Even though we are out of town for the summer and Jacob cannot see you face to face in your office, you wanted to have phone sessions with him and continue the work! He looks forward to those phone sessions each and every week!

I know the work is not done with Jacob, but I just wanted to express to you how deeply grateful we are that we found you! You are a blessing to our son and our family! THANK YOU!! God bless you!"
Tanya M.

"We were advised from my son's preschool teachers that he would likely need speech therapy at the age of 2.  The teachers said they had a difficult time understanding him.  After the correct evaluation it became evident that he had articulation disorder.  This clinic was highly recommended to us by a friend.  He was in speech therapy for close to a year with Ms. Justine.  Not only did he love getting to be with her she gave us the skills needed to practice with him at home.  Ms. Justine knew when to be tough and knew when to give extra tender loving care.  We had him tested prior to beginning Kindergarten and the school system insisted that he no longer qualified for speech therapy.  The timing of his therapy was critical and the location of his therapy drove success in a small window of time.  Now that my son is 7, we have begun watching home videos as a family.  He truly was difficult to understand back then.  Ms. Justine made all the difference in his life.  My son now sings with The Atlanta Boy Choir in 5 different languages.  His teachers are all amazed that he ever had speech therapy.  When you look back in time, it reminds you of how many people have helped you along the way.  Ms. Justine definitely helped us through a hurdle and will never be forgotten."
N. Harbin

"I would like to thank you for your tireless efforts with my child.  We are so very lucky for having you helping us.  The other evening my daughter and I were having a long talk about school and she was tearing up about it.  While it wasn't the most pleasant conversation, all I could think of is that if it wasn't for your help, we would never have had the conversation.  The fact that she came to me with her problems and wants to be helped is a big deal-especially when she is able to do this even when under-medicated.  With that said, I think we are coming to an upswing.  Her meds have been increased (for the last time) as of today.  I think we have fleshed out her "problems" in class and I know what work needs to be done with regard to being able to communicate/articulate better and we'll keep working on building her self-esteem.  Onward and upward!"
J. McAllister

"Thank you so much for all of your work with my son. I can't believe how much has been accomplished in such a short amount of time.  His thought processes are much more organized now. When he begins a conversation he comes across as a normal kid and not so confused anymore. Moreover, what you have taught me about his learning style has made our school days a lot less stressful and he is learning the material faster and with retention. These sessions have been invaluable and I am so grateful that he had this service available to him."
J. Barenghien

"My son was diagnosed with Autism in January 2013. In March, we moved to Cumming to be closer to family. I was very nervous to try new therapists because he was having some success with his current therapist, but she was now over an hour away now. I knew I had to find someone new. I was scared and nervous to find a new therapist. Would my son like the therapist? Would my son respond to the therapist?  Would he make as much progress as he was making with his current therapist? Would they take my insurance?  Would they have a schedule that would work with his schedule? I had so many questions.   

I called Speech Therapy of Forsyth and spoke with Justine Glover. I immediately knew she was different from any of the other therapists. She understood my fears and understood what my son needed. She explained the most important thing that her facility could do was train me, as a parent, to help my son with language when he was not at therapy. She recommended Kari Sykes as a therapist for my son. We started with Kari in May 2013.

The first three sessions my son cried the entire time, but Kari stayed right with him. Her confidence in his ability was unwavering.  She supported me, as a mother, and she supported my son, as a therapist. She would text me after we had left just to make sure I was okay and let me know that she understood that this was hard. On our forth visit the progress really began - he stopped crying and started talking. We have seen more progress with my son than we saw in the entire year prior.  Kari is pushing my son to do so much more than I thought he would be able to do at this point. The facility offers a very flexible structure and Kari is always trying new things which keeps my son engaged. She gives specific and actionable homework after each visit so we are able to continue the speech therapy at home.

Kari not only is a wonderful therapist, but she is a wonderful person. She goes beyond just being a therapist and really supports our entire family. She is always willing to offer advice or recommendations. We know we are so lucky and blessed to have her as our therapist and are looking forward to many more years of progress!"
E. Harris

"I like the personal nature of treatment that I get here.  My therapist always explains the goals we are working on and gives me easy things to do at home.  My son loves coming here because she always has activities he enjoys.  Especially the cooking and gardening he looks forward to so that he can show off to his brothers when he gets home.  My therapist always knows when it's time to start working on the next level.  When she explains it to me, it makes so much sense so that I want to do the home assignments.  I'm sure me knowing what to do, makes my son's progress faster."
K. Weems

"I have learned so much about how to manage my son's behavior.  I've had to so I can teach him to talk, too.  His grandmother says I've gotten as much out of his therapy as he has."
M. Telgenhoff

"My children work on speech, language, and feeding and they are making great progress in all these areas.  But I see even more important steps being taken. Our therapists have a way of having high expectations and encouraging the best out of them. The whole experience is one of validation for them. They feel strong, powerful, and effective as a result of the way they are treated. My son asked his therapist, "Do you love me?". I think she does!"
E. Hall

"My student can’t wait to see his therapist. He lights up when she arrives and his whole demeanor changes if she can’t come. They have a very special relationship. While they play he has really learned to control his stuttering and improve his speech. I’ve been able to help because his therapist has made sure I know what to do. She’s very careful to include his parents and me since we all play a part in his success."
LaToya, Teacher

"Speech Therapy of Forsyth changed our lives. In a difficult situation STF advocated for us and made sure our daughter got what she needed.  How successful she has been! We started at STF with a nonverbal child and left with a kid that won't stop talking!  I would recommend this clinic to anyone. They serve a diverse variety of children, some needing a lot of help, others a little. Everyone on staff not only cares about the children, they care about the parents. The way we were treated, we felt like family."
L. Levine

"Our therapist has taught me how to understand the nuts and bolts of speech. So much goes into it. There’s the muscular strength and coordination, the listening and understanding, and the cognitive part. By starting with the basics, we have been able to build my son’s ability to communicate. I like knowing what to do and understanding why I’m doing what I’m doing.  The Parent Coaching has been critical to my son’s success."
N. Moshteal

"We've been coming to Speech Therapy of Forsyth for over a year now and there are several things about this group that really makes them stand out to me. My son has been with the same therapist for the majority of our time there.  This has allowed him to become really comfortable with her. It also means the therapist knows my son.  She knows when he's having a good week and really giving it his all and she knows when he's not. This facility offers speech therapy and occupational therapy. They specialize in working with children with autism, articulation disorders, language disorders, feeding and swallowing issues, auditory processing, apraxia, voice and fluency disorders. Every person I've worked with here cares about my son. They push him to work hard and celebrate his successes."
Robyn G.