We are committed to working with our clients for the best possible outcomes. Our practice is dedicated to excellence and provides an elite level of expertise through a collaborative approach, ongoing training, continued education, and a staff of professional Therapists with more than 45 years of pediatric therapy experience.

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What Makes Us Different?

Parent Coaching • Professional Development

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Parent Coaching

Our success with our patients has been a direct result of utilizing our Parent/Coaching Model.  This method empowers parents so they can begin to think like a Speech Therapist!

We strive to provide parents with strategies within a written Home Plan to help turn their home life into a series of optimal opportunities for continued learning during play activities. Our sessions may look like play but they are purposeful in the end result. We believe play-lead sessions improves the therapy by allowing children to have fun while learning to communicate more effectively.

Professional Development

We believe that if you know better you do better. We are dedicated and adhere to a strong protocol of continual growth and professional development. For our Speech Language Pathologists, that means on-going training, education, observation of therapy sessions, a clinical management support team and weekly team meetings to collaborate on best care strategies.

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Our Therapeutic Approach

Regulation • Connection • Experience Based Learning

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We strive to provide a safe learning environment for our patients. A child’s regulation is the foundation for learning and development. We are diligent in our support of a child’s interests and sensory preferences by considering a child’s physical, sensory and emotional needs. When we think about “sensory”, we recognize we are referring to the nervous system and the nervous system must be in a regulated state before learning can happen!


We choose connection over compliance and believe that you need to connect with children before you can teach them. Connection comes in many forms. We connect with our patients by respecting their sensory profile and processing time. We believe in asking fewer questions, giving fewer directives and speaking fewer words.

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Experience Based Learning

Our sessions may look like “just play” but they are purposeful in the result. We believe in the power of play-based learning. Play-based learning provides opportunities for children to develop new skills and knowledge through discovery and exploration. Young children learn best through playful experiences that are relevant and meaningful to their lives. Research shows that activities involving the senses improve learning dramatically, so we equip our clinic and clinicians with multi-sensory experiences that help children learn.

Offering In-Clinic (in-person) and Teletherapy Sessions

Serving the Cumming, Forsyth, Johns Creek, Milton and Alpharetta areas